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About Us

Founding Story

We started our company in Dongguan in 1992 as a plastic toy manufacturer. Throughout the years, our customers continuously led us to improve our in quality, engineering and audits standards. It was not an easy task and time has proven that only the best companies remains.

As a 100% Hong Kong company, we strive to deliver the best price and quality for our customers with quick turnaround times.

We also use the best available technology and costs methods to achieve a win-win situation with our clients. 

Our first factory was in Fenggang, China and then second one Qingxi, China.

In 2011, we started our venture here to Thai Binh, Vietnam.

children recycling and sustainability

We aim to reduce our CO2 emissions. We work closely with our team to make continuous improvement in our manufacturing process to reduce CO2 emissions through improving our energy efficiency.

Moreover, we like to create a manufacturing process that aims to throw less trash. Unlike traditional approaches that focus merely on the speed of production, we focus on usable high yield production to make the earth a friendlier place.


corporate social responsibility, plant trees
Responsible Sources

We encourage our suppliers to use recyclable materials and minimizing our carbon footprint when manufacturing our subcomponents.

Over the years, we have built strong relationships with our suppliers to sustain a safe and ethical supply chain.

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