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COTEC Welcome to Cotec Plastic Corporation

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2005年:ISO9001、ICTI、Disney 認証取得

2011年: 第1東莞工場 移転

2012年:ISO9001:2008、ICTI、 ディズニー 認証取得

2015年: ユニバーサルスタジオ USJ 認証取得
2016年: ウォルマート FCCA, GSV/C-TPAT 反テロリズム ,

米国ターゲット, 認証取得、CMD化学管理を実現

2017年: ISO9001:2015 ,米国SQP品質 認証取得



We aim to reduce our CO2 emissions. We work closely with our team to make continuous improvement in our manufacturing process to reduce CO2 emissions through improving our energy efficiency.

Moreover, we like to create a manufacturing process that aims to throw less trash. Unlike traditional approaches that focus merely on the speed of production, we focus on usable high yield production to make the earth a friendlier place.


Responsible Sources

We encourage our suppliers to use recyclable materials and minimizing our carbon footprint when manufacturing our subcomponents.

Over the years, we have built strong relationships with our suppliers to sustain a safe and ethical supply chain.